GCSE Geography (8035/3/PM) preliminary materials for 2021

Published: Friday 11 Dec 2020

Some exams for next summer are taking place slightly later than usual to give students more time to prepare. Whilst we usually publish the preliminary materials for GCSE Geography Paper 3 Issue Evaluation (8035/3/PM) 12 weeks before the exam, we’ll be publishing these GCSE Geography materials earlier for 2021.

The preliminary materials can be issued to students from 10 March 2021. The materials will be available from the date of issue on the secure key materials (SKM) area of our secure extranet, e-AQA. We’ll also send you paper copies based on your estimated entries.

To support you on the delivery of the Issue Evaluation to students, teachers can refer to the ‘Notes and guidance on delivering the Paper 3 Issue Evaluation’ found in e-AQA SKM.

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