GCSE Geography: new example responses available

Thursday 30 Sep 2021

To support you in preparing your students for the 2022 exams and onwards, we’ve created a series of new example student responses and commentaries for all GCSE Geography units:

  • Living with the physical environment (8035/1)
  • Challenges in the human environment (8035/2)
  • Geographical Applications (8035/3).

Examples are taken from the 2020 series and the resources can be found on Centre Services.

Our GCSE Geography guide to understanding command words and reinforcing core exam skills is also available. Complete with key information about question types, command words and assessment objectives – our guide is designed for you to use with your students. Examples illustrate how marks are awarded and best practice techniques to overcome common mistakes and misunderstandings. The guide can be found in teaching resources on our qualifications page.