GCSE History: arrangements for autumn 2021 exams

Thursday 2 Sep 2021

Ofqual has confirmed that any student unable to receive an assessed grade in summer 2021 or who would like to improve their grades, will have an opportunity to take a full suite of GCSE and A-level exams in the autumn series.

Ofqual has also confirmed that the planned adaptations to the GCSE History exams in summer 2021, will be put in place for the autumn 2021 series exams.

For autumn 2021 only:

Students will have a choice of studies with one compulsory study. Students will only have to answer questions on three out of four studies.

The compulsory study for all students will be the wider world depth study (Paper 1, Section B). Students will then answer questions on two out of the following three studies:

  • period studies (Paper 1, Section A)
  • thematic studies (Paper 2, Section A)
  • British depth studies with the historic environment (Paper 2, Section B).

GCSE History (8145) exams will be offered in November and December 2021. Each exam will be 1hr duration, with three hours of exam time in total.