GCSE Insight reports: 2018 results at a glance

Monday 22 Oct 2018

As you continue to reflect on your students’ results from this summer, and build your teaching towards next summer’s assessment, you can use our GCSE Insight reports to broaden your understanding of the 2018 exams.

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GCSE Religious Studies A and Religious Studies B

GCSE History

GCSE Biology

GCSE Chemistry

GCSE Physics

GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy

GCSE Combined Science: Synergy

GCSE Maths

GCSE Geography

GCSE English Lit

GCSE English Lang

GCSE French, German, Spanish

These reports each give:

  • analysis of key elements of the series
  • insight into grade boundaries
  • a review of the papers, including highlights from this year’s report on the exam.

You can then find the detail you need to build a picture of your cohort's strengths and areas for improvement by using our Enhanced Results Analysis (ERA), coupled with the full report on the exam available on Secure Key Materials (SKM) in e-AQA.