GCSE MFL Instructions for the conduct of the exams summer 2021

Published: Wednesday 16 Dec 2020

Schools/colleges entering students for our GCSE languages exams in summer 2021 must download and read the MFL Instructions for the conduct of the June 2021 exams (ICE) guidance.

The GCSE languages ICE booklet can be found under the Assess tab on our qualifications pages.

A copy of this instructions booklet must be available in every room where MFL exams are taking place in summer. The booklet has detailed guidance on important aspects of the exams, including key information around security of the exam.

The spoken language assessment in summer 2021 will be an endorsement reported on a 3-point scale (pass, merit and distinction) against common assessment criteria. Students’ speaking skills will be assessed by teachers during the course of study and the endorsement level of pass, merit or distinction will be reported alongside the 9–1 grade.

Private candidates and students learning a language which is not taught at a school or college can access speaking endorsements in 2021. The endorsement level can be provided by a supplementary school or community school, a private tutor or a speaker of the language who is not a relative or friend of the student who will act as ‘Assessor’.

If you’re entering private candidates and/or your own students in a language your school doesn’t teach, you’ll need to let us know in advance by contacting mfl@aqa.org.uk

You can find the latest information for your subject on our qualifications pages.

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