GCSE Religious Studies - five things you should know this term

Friday 5 Jan 2018

Let’s get 2018 started. We’ve put together a list of the five key things you should know to make the most of the term ahead.

  1. Changes to SPaG requirements
    We’ve made some changes to our GCSE Religious Studies specifications with reference to spelling and grammar (SPaG) requirements and the entry codes you’ll need. Make sure you have downloaded the latest copies.

  2. Updated Specimen Assessment Material (SAMs)
    The updated SAMs show you how the new SpaG requirements work, as well as familiarising you and your students with question wording and the format of the papers.

  3. Subject specific vocabularies
    Our Subject specific vocabularies have been updated to include Themes.

  4. Resources list
    Take a look at our resources list – a list of all the set texts and other useful references from sacred writings and other sources of authority. These may be useful in your planning or as possible references to share with your students. Note that only those prescribed in the specification are necessary, and any reference can be paraphrased.

  5. 4-mark questions
    To bust some myths around the 4-mark questions, here’s some clarity:

    Specification A

    • Paper 1: Beliefs – the 4-mark question will be on Influences (AO1.2)
    • Paper 1: Practices – the 4-mark question will be on Contrasts (AO1.3)
    • Themes – the 4-mark question will be either Similarities or Contrasts, and could include Contrasts with the 'main religious tradition in Great Britain'. (AO1.3)

    Specification B

    • Paper 1: Catholic Christianity – the 4-mark questions could be on Influences (AO1.2) or Similarities/Contrasts (AO1.3)
    • Paper 2: Judaism and Islam – the 4-mark question in the Beliefs section could be on Influences (AO1.2) or Similarities/Contrasts with the main religious tradition of Great Britain (AO1.3). For the Judaism and Islam Practices section, the 4-mark question will be on Contrasts (AO1.3)
    • Paper 2: Themes – the 4-mark question will be either Similarities or Contrasts (AO1.3)

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