GCSE sciences changes to specification for summer 2020 and 2021

Monday 7 Oct 2019

Our GCSE science suite specification (version 1.0) was printed in April 2016. We’ve updated the following PDF versions to correct a number of typographical errors in the scheme of assessment and to add clarification to the subject content. The changes will affect the 2020 and 2021 exams and onwards.

  • GCSE Chemistry (8462)
  • GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy (8464)
  • GCSE Combined Science: Synergy (8465)
  • GCSE Physics (8463)

Clarification for 2020

We’ve clarified the expectation that knowledge and understanding of fundamental concepts and principles of chemistry may be examined in Chemistry Paper 2 of GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy.

As this is already outlined at the beginning of the specification subject content, the clarification will apply to exams sat in 2020 and onwards.

Changes for 2021

We’ve made a small number of changes to the subject content that will apply to exams sat in summer 2021 and onwards – see our summary.

The updated pdf specifications (version 1.1) can be found on our qualifications pages. No changes have been made to the GCSE Biology (8461) specification.