GCSE Geography - five things you should know this term

Thursday 4 Jan 2018

Let’s get 2018 started. We’ve put together a list of the five key things you should know to make the most of the term ahead.

  1. Additional SAMs
    Our third set of specimen assessment materials (SAMs) are now available on Secure Key Materials (SKM), in e-AQA. Perfect for your mocks exams this term.

  2. Sample answers with commentary
    We’ve developed some example student answers with examiner commentaries for Paper 2. Take a look.

  3. Strategies for success in Paper 3
    We have a suite of resources from our Strategies for success in Paper 3 course on SKM, including student exemplars with examiner commentaries.

  4. Geographical Association (GA) Conference
    We’ll be at the upcoming GA Conference from 5-7 April 2018. Come and meet the team and ask us about our new specification.

  5. CPD this term
    It’s time to plan your CPD for the term ahead and take a look at our upcoming courses, including Strategies for success in Paper 3 and Delivering skills through case studies.

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One last thing

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