Giving teachers the best support for science practicals

Friday 6 Feb 2015

AQA is asking teachers to help shape a new handbook designed to help schools and colleges carry out the practical assessments which are at the heart of the new Science A-level qualifications.

The draft guide has been sent to science teachers, asking them how far it meets their needs and what they really want to see in there.

Stella Paes, Head of Science at AQA, explained: "Practical is at the heart of science, so it's at the heart of our new specifications. The approach we have taken is much more flexible - teachers will have more choice about practical activities and students will have more opportunities to bring science to life through experimentation and applied knowledge.

"So who better to ask than teachers themselves how best we can support them to teach the new practicals? We want to produce a guide for teachers, by teachers. We're really looking forward to getting their feedback and adding it to the final version."

Contact the AQA science team if you want to get involved and find out more about the trial of the new practicals we did with teachers in the autumn.