Hansel and Gretel set text update

Friday 15 Dec 2017

Since we published the Component 1 set text list (listing ISBN 978-1-84943-057-9 as the prescribed edition) the publisher has made two further editions available – one which shares the same ISBN number and another with ISBN 978-78682-019-8. When ordering copies there appears to be no reliable way to ensure which of these editions will be supplied.

There are minor differences in the text and stage directions. The only significant change is that the character of Johann in the prescribed edition becomes Jacob in the other two versions.

Students may use any version of the text published by Oberon Books in the exam. None of the minor differences in the text and stage directions should cause students any difficulty in the exam, as the extract is printed in the paper. Where schools are not using the prescribed edition, teachers should make sure that students are aware that Johann will appear as Jacob.

One of the two new editions (ISBN 978-1-78682-019-8) contains questions and activities on characters, themes and design but this information does not give any advantage to students using this edition.