Information for students applying for college in 2014

Friday 1 Mar 2013

Information for students applying for college in 2014 - discount/classifications codes affecting some college applications

The Department of Education (DfE) has changed some GCSE subject classification/discount codes which might affect your 2014 college application.

It is important to check your current subject combinations with the college you intend to apply to as soon as possible. If two of the qualifications you are studying for have the same discount/classification code, the college may take the view that you have only achieved one of them. This is because the subject content in both qualifications is similar.

This view may or may not occur depending on the college and your circumstances, so it is important to check. Your careers advisor or exams officer may also be able to help.

Please note that you will receive a certificate from us for both qualifications, even if there is a shared classification/discount code.

If you would like to check your intended subjects against the discount/classification codes, the DfE has published all the new codes on their website and we have put up a list of affected subject specifications on our website.

If you have any questions on this, please speak with the college you wish to apply to, or an exams office, teacher or your careers centre staff at your school as they are the best people to help you with this issue.