Is it 'time up' for written exams? We speak to assessment experts and take a look into the future...

Published: Tuesday 26 Nov 2013

As our young people face the challenge of competing in a global race with ever higher stakes, we are asking ourselves:

  • what should our assessment system achieve?
  • if we started afresh, what would it look like?
  • how could it ensure that students are equipped with the skills they need?

We thought it would be a great opportunity for teachers, educationalists and politicians to debate how school assessment should evolve to meet changing educational and economic needs.

We believe that long-term thinking is crucial and so we need to explore the question: what could assessment look like in 10-20 years?

Speaking about this new initiative, Andrew Hall, Chief Executive of AQA, said:

"In 2025, I would like to see an assessment system that has trust at the heart of it and makes the student the focus of everything we do."

Graham Stuart MP, chair of the Education Select Committee,who is attending the launch of The future of assessment: 2025 and beyond at a House of Commons event this afternoon, said:

"AQA deserves credit for this initiative. The Government is conducting wide-ranging reforms of curriculum and assessment so this look at the issue is extremely timely and welcome."

Brian Lightman, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, is also enthusiastic about the initiative:

"I really welcome this project because I think it's absolutely essential that we have a step-change about the way we think about assessment in this country."

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