Marking mock GCSE English Literature papers

Thursday 9 Feb 2017

We've released a host of useful, free materials so you can get to grips with mark schemes on e-AQA, our secure extranet.

These include:

  • marked student responses covering a range of texts and mark scheme levels
  • annotations and video commentary from the Chief Examiner explaining why marks have been awarded, to support interactive standardisation activities
  • different approaches to meeting the Assessment Objectives (AOs).

Together, the material explains the assessment and shows examples of the six different levels of response in the mark scheme.

Use these to mark mock exams and help your students frame their responses before their exams this summer.

Sign up and learn about e-AQA

Once on e-AQA, go to the Secure Key Materials tab.

Then go to: GCSE > English Literature (new specification) > Mark scheme support.