GCSE MFL - five things you should know this term

Thursday 4 Jan 2018

Let’s get 2018 started. We’ve put together a list of the five key things you should know to make the most of the term ahead.

  1. Instructions for the conduct of exams
    Use our Instructions for the conduct of the June 2018 examination – essential reading for all teachers preparing students for the new GCSE's, especially the speaking tests.

  2. Webinar – Conduct of the speaking tests
    Watch our free webinar on the Conduct of the speaking tests and use our marked exemplar tests (on e-AQA) to support your preparation.

  3. Role-play marking
    Download our Notes and guidance on Role-play marking to understand how to apply the criteria for this part of the new speaking test.

  4. Paper 4 Writing: example student responses
    For support with Paper 4 Writing, see our example student responses with commentaries.

  5. Paper 3 Reading: example student responses
    We also have example translation tasks with commentaries for Paper 3 Reading.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

For further support with exam preparation, book your place on our Effective Exam Preparation course. From providing teaching strategies to detailed focus on Assessment Objectives (AOs) and revision techniques, we think you'll find the content invaluable.

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