Michelle Meadows becomes Honorary Research Fellow

Thursday 18 Apr 2013

Dr Michelle Meadows, Director of AQA's Centre for Education Research and Policy (CERP), has become an Honorary Research Fellow at Oxford University.

Michelle will collaborate on research responding to changes in qualifications policy, in particular GCSEs and A-levels.

Michelle said:

"This role has come about through CERP's collaborative work with Oxford University's Department for Education, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to work more closely with colleagues from the Department's Centre for Educational Assessment. I will be working on research relating to the validity, reliability and standards of qualifications, with a specific focus on the current  education reform agenda.

"Links with universities are important to support the quality of CERP's research and the prestige of an association with Oxford University is naturally good for AQA. Through its Research Committee, CERP also has links with other universities such as Queens University Belfast, the Institute of Education and Umeå University, Sweden."

Michelle, who is a member of AQA's executive board, will carry out this work alongside her responsibilities as a member of AQA's management team including heading up CERP.