Mock exams: sample question papers

Monday 30 Oct 2017

The summer 2018 exams for your specification will be a huge milestone, and the culmination of years of hard work by you and your students.

To help you prepare for assessment, and to support you while you plan your mock exams over the next few weeks and months, we’ve brought together some information and resources that you might find useful.

Specimen question papers

Specimen question papers and mark schemes are free resources and a great way to help prepare your students for assessment, because they demonstrate the format of questions they can expect to see in the live exam. You can also use them to get insight into how marks could be awarded for each of the Assessment Objectives (AOs).

Use them to see how students are progressing through the course, and plan any areas for revision focus.

You’ll find them under 'Assess' – each specification has its own resources area. Start by choosing your subject >

Additional secure assessment materials on e-AQA

There are additional question papers you can use in mock exams on Secure Key Materials (SKM) in e-AQA – our password-protected extranet. Perfect for mocks because students can’t get to them!

Find out more about how to log on to SKM >

Make sense of 9–1 grading

We know that preparing your students for exams whilst navigating all of the recent changes isn't easy! We’ve put together the following list of online resources that will be useful over the coming months, including the most up-to-date Ofqual information, and related social media pages.

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