Mock exams: summer 2017 exam materials

Published: Monday 6 Nov 2017

To help you prepare for assessment in summer 2018, and to support you while you plan your mock exams over the next few weeks and months, we’ve brought together some information on events and resources that you might find useful.

Summer 2017 question papers

We keep recent exam materials on our secure site, e-AQA, under Secure Key Materials (SKM). This part of the website is only accessible to those with a school-specific password, so students can't see what they shouldn’t.

SKM holds:

  • summer 2017 exam papers
  • summer 2017 mark schemes
  • summer 2017 examiner reports, giving insight into areas that students found tricky, and best approaches for different questions.

Find out more about e-AQA and SKM >

Specimen assessment materials (SAMs)

In addition, each specification has its own resources area on the public website. Under ‘Assess’, you’ll find specimen question papers and mark schemes. Use them to see how students are progressing through the course, and plan any areas for revision focus. Start by choosing your subject >

Become an AQA examiner

Get a better understanding of our mark schemes and assessment processes to inspire your teaching. Join our team of skilled examiners >

Feedback events: dig deeper into summer 2017

We're running continuing professional development events this autumn term to equip you with the information you need to review and analyse student performance in the new exams.

Browse our feedback events >

Enhanced results analysis tool

See how your school or college performed and create customised reports using our free Enhanced Results Analysis tool (ERA).

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