'Near pass' for Applied General and Tech-level qualifications for summer 2018

Friday 27 Apr 2018

We’re relaxing the ‘must pass’ rule for our Applied General and Tech-level qualifications for the summer 2018 series.

This decision follows Ofqual’s open letter about the existing rule, where a learner must pass all units in order to be awarded a Pass grade for the whole qualification. In some circumstances this approach may create an unfair disadvantage for learners. The most recent update from Ofqual contains more information.

This is excellent news as we’re now able to recognise and reward a learner’s overall performance with a ‘near pass’. All other eligibility requirements for achieving the qualification will remain the same, but schools/colleges should be aware that the relaxation of the ‘must pass’ rule may only apply for summer 2018. The DfE or Ofqual are yet to confirm if this change will apply in the future.

In the interests of fairness, we’ll also be applying this principle to previously claimed qualifications.

If you have any questions please contact our teacher support team on 0800 197 7162.