New Accounting AS and A-level explain the truth behind the numbers

Thursday 14 Jul 2016

Students will learn about recording the past and planning for the future in AQA's new Accounting AS and A-level.

The new draft specifications – for first teaching from 2017 – introduce students to the fundamentals of financial accounting, including the concepts, principles and techniques. Students will learn to apply these in real-life scenarios to inform judgement and solve problems.

The topics on management accounting are designed to give students the confidence to communicate financial information to non-accountants and future clients. In addition, at A-level, students will consider the impact of ethical considerations and the actions that can be taken.

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) have both been involved in the development of the new subject criteria.

The new qualifications will provide a foundation for students to develop key skills and areas of knowledge to help them in further study or their future careers.

Helen Burden, AQA Qualifications Developer, said:

"Having the ability to deconstruct numerical data and provide recommendations that make business sense is a much coveted skill that students taking these courses will develop. It's important that anyone studying accounting can not only produce the figures but can communicate the significance of these to non-accountants.

"Whether students taking these courses end up working as accountants or using the skills they've learnt in another walk of life, they'll be really well-prepared."

The specifications have been submitted to the regulator Ofqual for accreditation.