New dataset for AS and A-level Maths

Thursday 1 Feb 2018

Currently the AS and A-level Maths specifications use the same data set titled Family Food. This dataset will be used for AS and A-level exams in 2018 and A-level exams in 2019.

A new dataset will apply for AS exams from 2019 and A-level exams from 2020. This dataset is taken from the Department for Transport (Transport Stock Vehicle Database).

The replacement data set will offer more chances to teach the statistics content using the large data set so students can build material advantage more naturally.

We feel the new data set will offer us the ability to keep the same one for longer, so would therefore prefer to replace sooner to avoid predictability of data set questions.

There is no data set requirement for Further Maths AS or A-level.

We’re here to help

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