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September 2021

GCSE and A-level languages: instructions for the conduct of exams autumn 2021

Our modern foreign languages (MFL) Instructions for the Conduct of Examinations (ICE) for autumn 2021 series are available now.

GCSE Languages: arrangements for autumn 2021 exams

Ofqual has confirmed that the planned adaptations to the GCSE MFL exams in summer 2021 will be put in place for the autumn 2021 series exams.

July 2021

Modern Foreign Languages: NEA speaking arrangements for summer 2022 exams

Ofqual has published the arrangements for non-exam assessment (NEA) and fieldwork for students entering for exams in 2022 which includes speaking components for GCSE languages. Here are the changes you need to know about for summer 2022.

September 2020

Changes to 2021 exams for GCSE Languages

Changes to 2021 exams for GCSE Languages 8658, 8668, 8633, 8698, 8688, 8638, 8648, 8678, 8673, 8683

November 2018

GCSE Bengali (8192) changes to higher Paper 3: Reading SAMs

We’ve updated our GCSE Bengali higher Paper 3: Reading sample assessment materials (SAMs), to correct a small error in the rubric.

October 2017

Resources and events: how we're supporting you this autumn

Helping you make the most of our resources and events for the autumn term