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May 2019

Find out about exams in our new podcast series

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Craig Barton on our new series of podcasts, Inside Exams.

February 2019

A-level Law second set of SAMs for Paper 1 on SKM

A second set of sample assessment materials (SAMs) for Paper 1 is now available in the secure key materials (SKM) area of our secure extranet, e-AQA.

May 2018

AS Law specification (7161) change

Minor change to one of the command words for AS Law

July 2016

AQA’s new Law A-level looks at human rights

Students will learn about how the different areas of the English legal system relate to one another in AQA's new Law A-level, and get the opportunity to choose to study the emerging area of human rights law.

Technical issues with our emails

We’re having some technical problems sending and responding to emails

October 2014

Law magazine Issue 3 October 2014

Read the lastest issue of the Law magazine

April 2014

University support for A-level Law

Supporting statements from top law departments about university attitudes towards A-level Law.

February 2014

Law newsletter (issue 2)

Law - summer 2014 newsletter (Issue 2) Keeping you up to date with important information and announcements in law.

Law newsletter (issue 1)

Law - spring 2014 newsletter (Issue 1) Keeping you up to date with important information and announcements in law.

January 2014

Changes to the way our GCSE and A-level Social Science question papers look

There will be a change to the visual style of our question papers for the June 2014 series and onwards.