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August 2016

New Chinese GCSE focuses on culture as well as language

Students studying Chinese at GCSE from 2017 will learn about culture as well as language, under plans by exam board AQA to help young people connect with the world's second biggest economy.

July 2016

Technical issues with our emails

We’re having some technical problems sending and responding to emails

March 2014

Guide to conducting speaking tests is available

You can now download the slides, voiceover and transcript to help you conduct the speaking tests for GCSE Bengali, Modern Hebrew, Panjabi and Polish on the Teaching and learning resources page for each subject.

Information for students applying for college in 2014

Information for students applying for college in 2014 - discount/classifications codes affecting some college applications.

January 2013

Update - A-level reform announcement

Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education, informed Ofqual on 23 January of his policy requirements for A-level reform.

Accreditation end date extended

Owing to uncertainty surrounding proposed government changes to A-levels, we have extended the accreditation end date for our A-levels.

August 2012

Modular GCSE Entry, aggregation and certification rules

JCQ have issued new rules for terminal requirements, re-sits and cashing-in for the modular GCSE specifications.

March 2012

How do the changes to GCSEs affect Languages?

As you will be aware, there are changes to GCSEs following Ofqual's consultation on GCSE reforms.