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September 2019

A-level English Literature A (7712) changes to specification

We’ve made a few changes to the non-exam assessment (NEA) section of our A-level English Literature A (7712) specification.

May 2018

A-level English Literature A and B exams: clarification of poetry responses

Clarification of poetry responses in the A-level English Literature A and B summer 2018 exams

April 2018

A-level English - Support and resources for the summer 2018 term

The summer term is always busy with lots going on. As we all gear up towards the exam and awarding season, things can feel challenging and confusing; we’re here to make that journey a bit easier.To help you find what you’re looking for

March 2018

NEA Teacher online standardisation (T-OLS) now available

Teacher online standardisation (T-OLS) now available for non-exam assessment (NEA).

January 2018

A-level English - four things you should know this term

We’ve put together a list of the four key things you should know to make the most of the term ahead.

November 2017

Mock exams: summer 2017 exam materials

Secure summer 2017 assessment materials to help you prepare for mock exams

October 2017

AS and A-level English resources and support

Helping you make the most of our AS and A-level English resources and events for the autumn term

February 2017

Standardisation for Non-Exam Assessment (NEA)

Use our teacher online standardisation platform (T-OLS) to standardise.

Clarifying single text questions in A-level Paper 1

We’ve had some queries regarding assessment objective 4 (AO4) and how it relates to single text questions. In this scenario, students don’t need to specifically reference other texts.

August 2016

Are your set text combinations valid?

Use our set text selector tool to make sure you're teaching a valid combination for AS and A-Level English Literature A and B.