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September 2020

Changes to 2021 exams for A-level Geography

Learn more about changes to 2021 exams for A-level Geography (7037).

Changes to specification and assessment materials

We've made some changes to our A-level Geography (7037) specification and assessment materials.

December 2018

Report on NEA and fieldwork guidance for 2019 onwards

Autumn 2018 report on NEA and fieldwork guidance for A-level Geography.

April 2018

A-level Geography - Support and resources for the summer 2018 term

The summer term is always busy with lots going on. As we all gear up towards the exam and awarding season, things can feel challenging and confusing; we’re here to make that journey a bit easier.To help you find what you’re looking for

November 2017

New video: reflecting on summer 2017 exams and preparing for 2018

New video: AQA's Head of Curriculum Strategy reflects on summer 2017 GCSE exams and preparing for 2018

October 2017

Mock exams: sample question papers

Specimen question papers and additional secure materials, plus information on 9 to 1 grading to prepare for first assessment in summer 2018

June 2017

A-level Geography: NEA guidance for the independent investigation

See the common guidance on the independent investigation for the non-exam assessment (NEA) of A-level Geography – produced together with the other exam boards.