Post-16 GCSE English Language resits: resources and support

Wednesday 5 Apr 2017

We share your love of English and we want you to feel inspired to teach creative and engaging classes that will inspire your students.

We know that support and resources are vital to your teaching, so we’ve developed a range of post-16 GCSE resources to help you get to know your students quickly, see their skills gaps, and prepare them to resit the new 9-1 GCSE English Language (8700).

New post-16 resources

These are just a few of our post-16 resources designed to support your teaching:

  • our introductory guide to help you plan your teaching. Summarises the changes and resit opportunities for the outgoing and new specifications
  • a dedicated one-year post-16 teaching plan
  • top tips to get you started
  • student journey flowchart to show you the routes available to your students, depending on their skills gaps.

Teaching and assessment resources

We also know that many of you are already teaching our new specification, so we have a range of resources to support you in your teaching and assessment, including our mocks exam portal and assessment objective grid.

On the Secure Key Materials section of e-AQA, you’ll also find:

  • additional sample assessment materials (SAMs), including exam papers and mark schemes
  • videos of examiners applying the mark scheme
  • resources for internal standardisation in your team.

View our full collection of post-16 GCSE English Language resources

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