Register for A-level sciences practical monitoring visits by 21 February 2017

Monday 13 Feb 2017

If your school or college will be making entries for A-level Biology, Chemistry or Physics in summer 2017, and you've not had a monitoring visit for one of these sciences since September 2015, make sure you register now for a visit.

If you haven’t registered for visits by 21 February 2017 – the final date for entries – then all sciences at your school will receive a mandatory monitoring visit.


Students will not receive a pass for the practical endorsement if:

  1. the centre declaration form is not signed by the head of centre and submitted
  2. a monitoring visit has not taken place and been passed.

We can’t guarantee the certification of the practical endorsement for any school or college making their first entries for one of the sciences after 21 February.

Access arrangements

All entries and requests for access arrangements should be submitted by 21 February 2017.

Contact us

If you’d like to discuss this in more detail, please call us on 01483 477 756 or email the team at