Resit opportunities in GCSE English

Thursday 28 Apr 2016

Updated 31 May 2017: we’ve added further information on the GCSE English Language (8700) spoken language endorsement, and we’ve removed AQA Level 1/Level 2 Certificate in English Language (8705) as this course is no longer available.

On 23 March, Ofqual announced the findings of their consultation on further resit opportunities for outgoing GCSEs in summer 2017. For full details of the release, see's page on resits for legacy GCSE, AS and A levels

We would like to remind schools and colleges that the new GCSE English language (8700), with the new 9–1 grading, will also be available in summer 2017. It will be up to individual schools and colleges to choose the right qualification for them, and their students. Please note that Ofqual expect all students who started a course in September 15 to choose to enter for the reformed GCSE.

Planning your entries

To help you plan which specification to enter your students for and in which series, we have created the following table. If you'd like to discuss your options in more detail, please feel free to contact the subject team on 0161 953 7504 or


Summer 2016

November 2016

Summer 2017

November 2017

Summer 2018

GCSE English Language (4705)

GCSE English (4700)

✓ Open to all students

✓ Students must have taken the qualification previously, have a good reason not to have taken it when planned (such as illness), or have been aged 16 or above on 31 August in the year of the last scheduled sitting

✓ Only available to students aged 16 or over on 31 August in the previous year.



GCSE English Language 8700 (new 9–1 grading)



✓ Open to all students

✓ New entries and resits are only available to students aged 16 or over on 31 August in the same calendar year as the assessment.

Students can carry forward their spoken language endorsement result, including those sat with another exam board.

✓ Open to all students