Resit opportunities in GCSE sciences

Friday 7 Oct 2016

On 23 March, Ofqual announced the findings of their consultation on further resit opportunities for outgoing GCSEs in summer 2017. For full details of the release, see GOV.UK's page on resits for legacy GCSE, AS and A levels

We welcome the decision to allow students a final opportunity to take GCSE science exams on the content they have already studied. This final resit opportunity will be in the January 2018 series.

In line with Ofqual’s recommendations, we will be offering resits for the following specifications only:

  • GCSE Science A (4405) – route 1
  • GCSE Science B (4500)
  • GCSE Additional Science (4408) – route 1
  • GCSE Biology (4401)
  • GCSE Chemistry (4402)
  • GCSE Physics (4403).

Students who followed route 2 Science A (4406) and Additional Science (4409) and wish to resit, will be able to sit the route 1 equivalent Science A (4405) and Additional Science (4408). These papers cover the same specification content. Students may resit one or more of any of the GCSEs in this list that they have previously sat exams in.

Students will only be eligible to enter for the resit(s) if:

  • they have taken the qualification previously, or
  • they have had good reason not to have taken it when planned (such as illness), or
  • they have been aged 16 or above on 31 August 2017.

Controlled assessment

As with the current resit rules, students will be able to carry forward Unit 4, ie the controlled assessment they certificated with previously.

In line with Ofqual's requirements, we will be producing one new controlled assessment for each of the specifications included in the list above. These will be available from the Secure Key Materials (SKM) area of e-AQA from September 2017.

Contact us

If you’d like to discuss this in more detail, please contact the subject team on 01483 477 756 or