New Sociology GCSE shows the world from different perspectives

Tuesday 19 Jul 2016

AQA has unveiled plans for its new Sociology GCSE, which aims to broaden students' minds and enable them to see the world from different perspectives.

Students will gain a theoretical view of sociology by studying the work of key classical sociologists such as Durkheim, Weber and Marx, and will consider the debates within sociology and different sociological perspectives. Students will also study key sociological theories and consider contrasting views.

As part of the new course, students will be required to analyse and evaluate different research methods. They'll be expected to:

  • use sociological theories and evidence to compare and contrast social issues
  • construct reasoned arguments and debates
  • make substantiated judgments and draw conclusions.

Sandra Allan, AQA Qualifications Developer, said:

"Being able to see the world from different perspectives and in new and thought-provoking ways is a vital skill in modern day life. Students of the new course will study the sociology of families, education, crime and deviance, and social stratification."

Judith Mudd, Chief Executive of the British Sociological Association, said:

"The new course has some exciting developments, bringing sociological theories, theorists and research methods into sharper focus with clear and fascinating connections to real-life practical applications.

"It will provide a solid introduction to social relations, social institutions and social divisions: essential grounding for anyone interested in further study or a career path that involves working with people or groups of people, such as in management and business, social policy, politics and health occupations."

The plans for AQA's new GCSE Sociology specification, which will be available to teach from September 2017, have been submitted to the regulator Ofqual for accreditation.