Submission of work via the e-Portfolio system

Tuesday 6 Jan 2015

This is an update to remind all schools and colleges that coursework/controlled assessment marks and work for the specifications listed below can no longer be submitted by using the e-Portfolio Desktop Tool.

For the June 2015 exam series, marks must be submitted using the pre-printed centre mark forms provided or by Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Work must be submitted in hard copy or, if the specification allows it, work can continue to be submitted electronically (for example using CD/DVD/memory sticks).

  • Art and Design GCSE
  • Business subjects and economics GCSE
  • Citizenship GCSE
  • Classical Civilisation GCSE
  • Design and Technology (On all) GCSE
  • Drama and Performing Arts GCSE
  • Economics GCSE
  • Electronics GCSE
  • Engineering GCSE
  • Environmental Science GCSE
  • Expressive Arts GCSE
  • Geography A GCSE
  • Geography B GCSE
  • Health and Social Care GCSE
  • History A GCSE 
  • History B GCSE 
  • Home Economics GCSE - Child Development
  • Home Economics GCSE - Food and Nutrition
  • Human Health and Physiology GCSE
  • Humanities GCSE
  • Leisure and Tourism GCSE
  • Media Studies GCSE
  • Media Studies A-Level
  • Music GCSE
  • Performing Arts GCSE
  • Physical Education GCSE
  • Statistics GCSE
  • Travel and Tourism GCSE
  • Urdu GCSE