Summer 2020 NEA teacher online standardisation (T-OLS) available

Wednesday 22 Jan 2020

We strongly advise all teachers marking centre-assessed components to complete teacher online standardisation (T-OLS) on e-AQA before you start marking assessments.

In T-OLS you can see sample work that’s been marked by the Lead Moderator. You mark it yourself, and then compare your marks with the marks and comments of the Lead Moderator. This will enable you to approach non-exam assessment (NEA) marking with confidence.

For summer 2020 we’ve added new materials on our system for majority of components. While standardising on the new material, you can also search for other pieces of marked work to view exemplars of previous T-OLS material.

Through research we’ve found that schools and colleges that complete T-OLS on all pieces of work are often less likely to have their centre-assessed marks adjusted through the process of moderation.

Changes for summer 2020

To support your continuous use of T-OLS, we’ve introduced a refreshed interface. The system has the same content but has a different look and feel with some added benefits:

  • a cleaner user interface making it easier to view pieces of work and enter your marks
  • easier to review the Lead Moderator’s marks and comments
  • you no longer need Adobe Flash installed on your browser to access the system.

Log in to T-OLS on e-AQA to find help videos and guidance on using the teacher online standardisation system.