GCSE science - Support and resources for the summer 2018 term

Friday 13 Apr 2018

The summer term is always busy with lots going on. As we all gear up towards the exam and awarding season, things can feel challenging and confusing; we’re here to make that journey a bit easier.

To help you find what you’re looking for quickly, this update contains information and links to useful resources, events and support.

You can also read the top things for A-level Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Tier of entry

This is a friendly reminder that students are required to sit the same tier for all papers in a specification. Therefore, if they are sitting GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy, for example, they must sit the same tier for all papers across the specification. If they are doing separate sciences, then the chosen tier can vary from Biology to Chemistry to Physics.

Don't forget, for the summer 2018 exams, you can change which tier your students are entered for, free of charge until 21 April 2018.

Extended Year 10 tests

We’ve listened to your feedback on last year’s Year 10 tests and are extending them to cover more of the specifications.

The changes you’ll see:

  • papers will now be one hour in length and be worth 60 marks
  • increased percentage of marks at grade 4-5 (common marks)
  • available for Biology, Chemistry and Physics, covering content that is common to the separate sciences and Combined Science
  • covering some extra topics: Bioenergetics (Biology), Energy changes (Chemistry) and Atomic structure (Physics).

There will also be increased focus on questions students appear to be struggling with such as: Application in unfamiliar contexts, Extended response and Practicals.

Available at Foundation and Higher Tier, these free and password-protected tests will be available from 23 April on our Secure Key Materials (e-AQA).

Free results analysis tool

Exampro’s Mark Entry and Reporting Technology (MERiT) will be available through Exampro mid-May, so you’ll be able to compare your students’ performance with the sample population.

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Summer Hub network meetings

These meetings offer great networking opportunities while simultaneously addressing teacher needs and relevant themes each term to support your teaching. Come along to discuss strategies, best practice and share resources with your science community.

Our summer hub meetings will provide:

  • guidance around using (Enhanced Results Analysis) ERA post results to efficiently and accurately identify potential weaknesses for your following cohorta two tiered teaching and learning activity
    • in part one we will discuss your experience of the reformed GCSEs – what went well as a result of the changes, like the refocusing of practical work away from the controlled assessments
    • then in part two we will take this discussion further by exploring areas you want to improve for your next cohort
  • results day information, including links to helpful AQA and Ofqual pages.
  • Please note: As awarding has not yet taken place, we will not be able to talk about the papers your students just sat.

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