Technical and vocational qualifications – joint statement

Thursday 24 Sep 2020

Ofqual, the Joint Council for Qualifications, the Association of Colleges, the Federation of Awarding Bodies, the Association of Employment and Learning Providers and HOLEX have released a joint statement on Technical and Vocational qualifications.

The statement recognises the collaborative efforts in place to issue results this year and confirms that all supporting organisations will work together as a group  to co-ordinate milestones and communications, and to address issues arising through the year.

This will help to reduce disruption to teaching, learning and assessments so that, as far as possible, students have the opportunity to receive fair results in 2020 to 2021 and are not disadvantaged by the longer-term impacts of the pandemic.

We’ve submitted all of our proposed changes to Ofqual and we know they’re working quickly on this. In the meantime, we plan to share our proposed changes with schools and colleges in the next couple of weeks so they can start to understand what the changes will look like, and plan for the year ahead. As soon as Ofqual has confirmed that they don’t have any further feedback on our changes, we’ll be back in touch with schools to confirm the final arrangements.