Technical Award Performing Arts: new video briefs on SKM

Wednesday 28 Nov 2018

There are four new video briefs to support teachers and students for the Level 1/2 Technical Award Performing Arts (3745) Unit 1 Unlocking Creativity pre-release material.

The videos can be found in the secure key materials (SKM) area of our secure extranet, e-AQA.

We’re the first to offer these exciting resources for our teachers which makes the qualification not only more engaging to teach but brings the real world to life for students without leaving the classroom.

The four video briefs are released from:

  • The Royal Opera House – Amy Lane: Head Staff Director
  • Rambert – Helen Shute: Chief Executive/Executive Producer and Benoit Swan Pouffer: Artistic Director
  • Royal Court Theatre – Selina Thompson: Performance Artist and Rejiv Pattani: Lighting Designer/Senior Technician
  • Disney – Richard Oriel: General Manager, Disney Theatrical Productions and Irvine Iqbal, Actor and Honorary Associate Royal Academy of Music.

The videos are designed to help support you and your students with their performance ideas based on a theme and given guidance from a range of practitioners. They are the first set to be launched for 2019 and 2020 and we’re looking to create four more videos in the new year.