Unlocking Potential 2013 kicks off in London

Monday 18 Mar 2013

At an event in London on Friday, the 20 young people taking part in Unlocking Potential this year, along with their teachers and families, met for the first time with their mentors from the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust (DKH Legacy Trust).

Unlocking Potential is a unique mentoring programme, developed and run jointly by AQA and the DKH Legacy Trust. The young people are paired with athlete mentors to help inspire them to discover and develop their strengths and to really make the most of their potential, whatever direction that takes them in.   

Just like last year there were quite a few daunted faces in the morning, but the improvement in confidence and enthusiasm was clearly apparent by the end of the day. Here is a selection of photos from the event. The young people will now go on to meet with their mentors in a series of one-to-one sessions aimed to improve their confidence, self belief and ultimately raise their aspirations. 

There will be two further national days bringing all the participants together during the course of the programme: one in the spring to discuss and plan a project that will benefit their local community; and one at the end of the summer to celebrate their projects and the progress they've made on the programme.

The Unlocking Potential theme continued at other events on Friday, with Dame Kelly's Olympic torch on display at our stand at the ASCL conference.