Update on A-level languages

Thursday 21 Apr 2016

We're pleased to announce plans to continue offering A-levels in Bengali, Modern Hebrew, Panjabi and Polish, subject to agreeing appropriate content requirements with the Department for Education.

In addition, we've also agreed in principle to take on Biblical Hebrew at A-level, after OCR announced that they wouldn't be continuing to offer it. We know this subject is valued by many of the same schools that offer Modern Hebrew.

Changes to A-levels including the assessment of speaking and listening as well as reading and writing had meant that there weren't enough examiners with the right level of experience for us to continue offering these languages. However, after several months of constructive talks with the DfE and Ofqual, many of the issues have been resolved.

Andrew Hall, AQA's Chief Executive, said:

"As an education charity, we've been working really hard to find a way to continue offering our A-levels in Bengali, Modern Hebrew, Panjabi and Polish. 

"As we've always said, there were significant barriers – but the DfE and Ofqual have helped to remove them. So I'm delighted to say that, subject to agreeing appropriate content, we'll be able not only to continue offering these four languages at both A-level and GCSE, but to safeguard the future of Biblical Hebrew at A-level too."