Updated GCSE Languages tiering guide: Foundation or higher?

Wednesday 19 Dec 2018

Foundation or Higher? Things to consider for summer 2019

We know that making tiering decisions aren’t easy, and there are many important things to consider.

To help support teachers with their tiering decisions for this summer, we’ve put together a comprehensive tiering guide, which covers; what 2018 showed us about tier choices and what the key indicators are to help support future decisions.

For many students the choice of tier is relatively straightforward. However, for potential grade 5 students the choice may be less clear-cut. A number of factors will affect a student’s performance. Take a look at the comprehensive tiering guide alongside our quick reference poster to help support your tiering decisions.

Entries deadlines and fees

The entries deadline for GCSE exams this summer is 21 February 2019 – but you can change your tier of entry up to 21 April 2019 without any additional charge.