Updated teaching resources for GCSE History B (9145)

Thursday 13 Feb 2014

To support our 'strengthened' specification, we've made several updates to our support materials for GCSE History B (9145) for first exams in 2015.

Updated schemes of work for Unit 2

We've updated the schemes of work for the following topics:

  • Hitler's Germany, 1929 – 1945
  • Race Relations in the USA, 1945 – 1968
  • The Challenge in Northern Ireland, 1960 –1999  
  • The Middle East, 1956 –1999
  • War in Vietnam, 1954 – 1975 

      Download these schemes of work from our Teaching and learning resources page.

      Guidance on applying the Unit 3 mark schemes

      We've also updated the Summary of the mark schemes for the controlled assessment tasks for Unit 3.

      Download your Summary of the mark schemes from the Teaching and learning resources page.

      Teachers' guide for Unit 1 Topic 6

      This guide supports you in delivering the second key issue, 'What problems face the USA and UN following the end of the Cold War?'.

      You can download your copy from the Teacher resources folder in the GCSE History B section of Secure Key Materials area of e-AQA.