Why we’ve stopped using Google display advertising

Tuesday 28 Mar 2017

We’ve decided to suspend all our advertising with the Google Display Network. This means our adverts will no longer appear on websites you visit or YouTube videos you watch.

We’ve listened to feedback from two of our Twitter followers, who took the time to let us know that our adverts were appearing on websites which don’t fit with our values as an organisation. We were disappointed to hear this, as we’ve done everything we can to make sure Google doesn’t place our adverts on inappropriate sites or alongside inappropriate content.

Until we can be 100% certain that our ads won’t appear in this way, we aren’t happy for these kinds of sites or individuals to make money from our advertising. We hope that this is something that Google will be able to fix quickly, and we’ll continue to advertise on the Google search engine in the meantime.

Our decision means we’ve stopped using the Google Display Network to recruit examiners. We’d still love to hear from you if you’d like to become an AQA examiner, though – so please visit our Examiner vacancies page.