Our support programme is designed to help you build your students’ core skills, identify gaps in learning and re-engage students who are returning to the classroom.

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Our curriculum experts have compiled a range of free subject-specific resources into three key themes to help you plan and adapt your teaching as you return to the classroom.

Watch the video to find out how our support programme can help you.

Duration: 1:54 minutes

Introducing our themes

The programme is made up of three key themes:

Fundamental skills

Helps build key subject skills with a focus on elements such as: core vocabulary, practical skills and interpretation and analysis.

Learning gap

Provides teachers with the tools they need to help identify students’ strengths and weaknesses and guide them where necessary.

Rediscover learning

Includes targeted resources from our trusted partners to help meet the individual needs of students and re-ignite their passion for learning.

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Message from the CEO

We’re focused, as we always have been, on providing the support you need to help your students achieve their best.

That’s why we’ve put this support package together, in response to the extraordinary circumstances we’re in today and the challenges you face.

We hope it helps you in a small but significant way. We’ll continue adding to it, in the hope that its value to you improves over the months to come.

Please let us know what works, and if you feel there’s anything else we can do to help.

Colin Hughes, CEO

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