Depth of study

The AQA Baccalaureate (AQA Bacc) is built upon a solid foundation of rigorous academic study, which is provided by the specifications you already offer.

To satisfy this element, we require the following:

  • three A-levels – we've kept these at the core of the AQA Bacc because A-levels remain the principal means of assessing post-16 learners and are a key criteria for entering higher education

The A-level element of the AQA Bacc:

  • is completely flexible – students can pursue any combination of subjects from those you already offer, from any awarding organisation, including vocational A-levels and Double Awards
  • carries significant weight in the grading of the AQA Bacc.

How is depth of study assessed?

Each student needs to achieve at least a grade E in three A-levels; the grades contribute to the level of AQA Bacc awarded, whether Pass, Merit or Distinction. If a student achieves more than three A-levels, their best three grades count towards their AQA Bacc award.

Other qualifications such as the Diploma or BTECs cannot be substituted.

An A-level in the same subject being used for broader study cannot also be used towards depth of study.

Can students resit any part of the AQA Bacc?

As the AQA Bacc is typically a two-year sixth-form programme, most students will complete the AQA Bacc without undertaking resits in any elements. While it is possible for students to resit their year one AS-levels in year two, there is no time to resit their A-levels in the second year. It is not possible to resit the Enrichment element of the AQA Bacc.