Enrichment activities

Enrichment acknowledges the extra curricular activities and experiences students already enjoy and do outside of school or college. Enrichment broadens horizons, develops new skills and contributes to students' personal and social development.

You can design an enrichment scheme to match your centres' educational aims and values by selecting which eligible activities to offer to your students. Enrichment fits easily into your timetable and can be offered internally or externally through enrichment providers, such as Duke of Edinburgh's Award. To ensure a broad mix of activities, we have divided eligible enrichment activities into three core areas:

  • work-related learning
  • community participation
  • personal development.

By taking part in different types of activities, students gain and develop important skills such as commitment, good citizenship, initiative, leadership and team spirit, all of interest to employers and universities.

Assessing the enrichment element

The most important assessment is done by the student themselves by reflecting upon and communicating what they have gained from enrichment.

Formal requirements

Students must complete at least 100 hours of eligible enrichment activities, across two or all three of the core areas and keep a record of these activities including reflections on what has been gained.

However, students who invest more time in enrichment will achieve more and realise the full benefits. Please read the enrichment check list to ensure your students have met the minimum requirements.

During their students' sixth form years and enrichment progress, supervisors should check their students' records to ensure they have met the formal requirements set out in the specification and enrichment guide and offer advice and guidance. Students should record their enrichment activities and reflections by using our online enrichment diary. Prior to sending the enrichment diaries to AQA, supervisors should check each student has met the minimum requirements and evaluated their experience.