Eligible enrichment activities

The possibilities for enrichment activities are endless. Any activity that develops new skills and qualities can be considered. To assess the eligibility of an activity, check to see if it:

  • is a structured, hands-on activity
  • enriches the understanding and personal development of your students
  • develops soft skills and qualities, such as team-work, independence, initiative and responsibility
  • involves learning by doing.

Enrichment activities are divided into three core areas: work-related learning, community participation and personal development. Below are some examples of common enrichment activities:

Work-related learning

These are activities that involve your students as active participants in learning about the world of work. Students can acquire skills such as communication, team work, leadership and time-keeping that will help them enter into employment or higher education. Examples include: 

  • the Engineering Education Scheme
  • paid employment
  • work experience
  • work shadowing
  • Young Enterprise.

Community participation

These are activities that encourage students to work for the benefit of others and get involved with community projects on a local, national or international basis. It helps students to understand their impact on the world and the importance of helping others, while giving them a real sense of achievement. Examples include:

  • voluntary service in local charity events or shops, community radio, mentoring/ coaching programmes, health education, heritage centres, schools, sports centres and more
  • community support in leadership roles such as head boy or student council representative, mentoring, Scouts or Guides, St John Ambulance, World Challenge or more.

Personal development

These are activities that students choose to do in addition to their academic pursuits, demonstrating motivation, breadth of experience and wide-ranging interests. Examples include:

  • dance
  • debating or public speaking
  • First Aid
  • music
  • photography
  • sport
  • theatre.