Enrichment diary

This tool helps you and your students manage and build up evidence of their enrichment activities. A secure, private record accessible only to the individual student, their coordinators/supervisors, and to AQA it is:

  • accessible instantly on the internet
  • easy to use and navigate, similar to social networking sites.

Hear what teachers and students have to say about the diary.

The benefits for teachers and supervisors

Using the Online Enrichment Diary means you can not only help students decide when and how they will record their enrichment activities but also monitor their progress. You can use it to:

  • contact us to get approval for activities
  • send completed student diaries to us
  • get statistics on the number of hours logged for each activity by students.

Enrichment supervisors can:

  • receive alerts when students make entries
  • contact students at their convenience, to check progress or request evidence of activity
  • leave messages and comments offering guidance and support.

The benefits for students

Students will enjoy the independence and creativity involved in making an Enrichment Diary. They can:

  • make diary entries online or from mobile phones, building up a rich portfolio that includes photos, videos and music
  • reflect on what they have learned, get guidance online from teachers and monitor progress against personal targets
  • build up a permanent and comprehensive record of their enrichment activities to download and keep.

How do you access the Enrichment Diary?

The online Enrichment Diary can be accessed via any standard internet connection. Once your enrichment scheme has been approved we'll send your enrichment coordinator a unique URL with all the information you need to access the diary.