What enrichment involves

It is up to your students to record their activities and evaluate them. Undertaking the activities themselves is the most important aspect of enrichment. Reflecting on that involvement can however make students' experiences all the more worthwhile and it is only by recording their activities that students can communicate to other people what they've experienced and achieved. It is your responsibility to supervise and offer guidance to your students during this process.

What you need to do if you are the Enrichment coordinator

  • Ensure your enrichment activities have been approved and quality assured by AQA.
  • Encourage your students to take part in a variety of extra-curricular activities throughout their sixth form years.
  • Create and update your centres' enrichment scheme.
  • Launch enrichment and involve the appropriate staff members such as enrichment supervisors and your exams officer.
  • Ensure Enrichment supervisors and students understand the requirements and expectations.
  • Send completed Enrichment Diaries to AQA.

What you need to do if you are the Enrichment supervisor

  • Advise students to ensure they get the most out of participating in, recording and reflecting on their enrichment activities.
  • Help students decide if an activity is eligible or not.
  • Monitor and guide students' enrichment programmes by accessing their online Enrichment Diaries (or checking their log books).
  • Verify the Enrichment Diaries before signing them off to check all recorded activity is eligible – just follow our checklist.
  • Determine the quality of enrichment activities and their relevance to the three core areas with your Enrichment Coordinator.

Read more in our enrichment guide.

What your students need to do

  • Gain experience in two or three of the core areas (work-related learning, community participation, personal development) over their sixth form years.
  • Record how they've spent their time on their enrichment activities, providing supporting evidence and reflecting on what they've gained from the activities – they can have fun doing this on our online Enrichment Diary.
  • Meet the formal requirements set out in the enrichment guide and specification.
  • Aim to take part in and record a rich variety of activities and challenges, to make the experience enjoyable and rewarding.
  • Submit their diaries to their supervisor once the feel they have completed their enrichment programme.