Extended project

What is the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)?

We understand that you, along with universities and employers, value a student's ability to research and analyse material independently. Promoting independent learning is also central to the ethos of the AQA Baccalaureate (AQA Bacc) and is gained through the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

Universities support and value the EPQ as evidence of a student's ability to use a range of skills that are vital for successful study in higher education. The EPQ:

  • gives students the opportunity to choose their own topic
  • makes students responsible for their own learning and development
  • inspires and motivates students – completing the project gives them greater confidence and a sense of achievement.
  • teaches new skills, such as, independent research, project management, reflection and self-directed learning
  • awards 70 UCAS points for an A*.

How is the EPQ assessed?

Students are assessed on their ability to manage, develop, record and realise their projects. If your students are already taking the EPQ with another awarding body they can still sit the AQA Bacc. The EPQ is graded on an A*–E scale; with the grade contributing to the level of AQA Bacc awarded.

Students can also take the EPQ as a stand-alone qualification.