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The AQA Baccalaureate (AQA Bacc) helps students to gain independence, learn new skills and stand out from the crowd when applying for university.

Here are some of your experiences.

Find out why Aylesbury High School loves the AQA Bacc

I think it's brilliant; it is very good, a lucky find, really. If you think of all the pathways that we could have gone down, this has just been the right thing for our school.

Elizabeth Chubb, Assistant Head Teacher and Head of Sixth Form, Aylesbury High School, Buckinghamshire

Case study: Elizabeth Chubb

Find out why this student and her mum love the AQA Bacc and the Extended Project

Universities love it because it shows that you have different research skills and, in interviews especially, they did always ask me about the Baccalaureate and how I'd been doing.

Alexandra Stone, A-level Student, Aylesbury High School, Buckinghamshire

Case study: Alexandra and Lucy Stone

Help your students discover the AQA Bacc – it's their chance to stand out

The AQA Baccalaureate is for you

It's taught me a lot about myself and about how to write and to structure essays.

Aseel, Student, Aylesbury High School, Buckinghamshire

Your experiences

[The AQA Bacc] encourages self reflection and it recognises the value of activities undertaken outside the classroom as vital contributors to a well-rounded education.

Christine Andrews, Head of Sixth Form, The Mount School, York

You have to be a lot more independent, because you have to organise your time to do it. And I think that's good experience for university.

Nicola, Student, Aylesbury High School, Buckinghamshire

What universities say

The AQA Baccalaureate encourages both specialism and breadth, set in the context of wider engagement with the community. It is preferable to the narrow specialisms of the A-levels alone.

University of Exeter

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