Unit Award Scheme


In successfully completing this unit, the Learner will have

Evidence needed

demonstrated the ability to

1 understand and follow instructions from the session leader Summary sheet
2 assist in the design and delivery of an activity session Summary sheet
3 pass on their knowledge of an activity skill at an appropriate level to a learner Summary sheet
4 deliver timely support and motivation to a member of their group Summary sheet
5 manage a subgroup of learners safely Summary sheet
6 reflect on the session and evaluate what they could do better Summary sheet
7 competently identify at least two major risks of a new venue Summary sheet

shown knowledge of

8 at least four significant risks related to managing a group participating in a given activity Summary sheet and/or student completed work
9 at least four child protection concerns and how to deal with them Summary sheet and/or student completed work


10 planning, managing and running an outdoor activity with a group of young people at a new venue including setting up a ‘late back’ call out procedure. Summary sheet

All outcomes recorded on an AQA Summary Sheet

Approved 11 February 2020Level - Level Two