Citizenship Units

The following units have been written by the Citizenship Foundation to accompany their  Citizenship Challenge resources. Further information can be found on the Citizenship foundation website.

Unit code and title Unit details Summary sheet
30321 Citizenship (Unit 1): Being a citizen 30321Summary sheet
30322 Citizenship (Unit 2): Society and the media 30322Summary sheet
30323 Citizenship (Unit 3): Politics and power 30323Summary sheet
30324 Citizenship (Unit 4): Family and home life 30324Summary sheet
30325 Citizenship (Unit 5): Crime and law 30325Summary sheet
30326 Citizenship (Unit 6): Neighbourhood and the enviroment 30326Summary sheet
30327 Citizenship (Unit 7): Shopping and money 30327Summary sheet
30328 Citizenship (Unit 8): Identity and discrimination 30328Summary sheet